The Outcome [Pt. 3 – FINALE]

The Outcome With my emotions a stir, I try to grasp reality once again I glance down at the soulless women, my eyes widen with fear. ~ I begin to run, the key tight in my palm. I can’t bare this feeling no longer ~ A glance back towards the corpse There is a small… Continue reading The Outcome [Pt. 3 – FINALE]


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Beauty is in The Heart of the Beholder

 The sun broke through the plain clear glass and outlined her silhouette with a dim yellow and white glow. Her brown hair was messy with a small hint of a wave in it. Her hair was caressed over her heart shaped face. You could tell she was dreaming simply by the way her eyes would… Continue reading Beauty is in The Heart of the Beholder

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Starting Over [Back to Brainstorming]

And there you have it, a whole book idea put aside until another day. After most of you have read my previous post updating you all on 2017, I’m sure you’re eager to know what happens next. I contemplated the idea of starting over or continuing the current story I have written, but truth is,… Continue reading Starting Over [Back to Brainstorming]

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A Light Engulfed by Shadows

Each night I cower from the darkness of shadows. Who prevent my light, from shining ever so bright My love restricted, like the roots of a willow. For you each night, will be to vanquish the fight. ~ Each step I take forward, is with little reward. The risks chosen to each choice, I know my shine will go through, will… Continue reading A Light Engulfed by Shadows


How to Self-Publish on Amazon: The Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide to Self-publishing Their First Book

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Hope Ann Ready to self-publish on Amazon? Considering self-publication on Amazon but don’t have a clue where to start or what to expect? Take a glimpse behind-the-scenes, so when the time comes to push the button and create your own ebook, you already know what lies…

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Chapter One COMPLETE [Journal Entry 4]

IT’S HAPPENED! I FINALLY FINISHED THE FIRST CHAPTER! I am now on a roll and I plan on continuing to write throughout this entire weekend. My partner in writing has been revising it and going through everything and we plan to have a skype meeting this weekend. I hope to have at least a few… Continue reading Chapter One COMPLETE [Journal Entry 4]